Musings and Reflections – Winter 2017 Week 8

Tales of Zestiria the X (2017) (Ep. 7) 

 photo MR8.1_zps5p7x50pv.png

     Not the most entertaining stuff Zestiria has to offer. Well, Alisha is a way more interesting character than Sorey himself (as Rose is). During the whole episode I couldn’t stop wondering what has happened between Alisha and her father, because it seems that Alisha hasn’t even thought of telling him her own ideas and worries. I understand that the family situation might be a bit complicated, but as Alisha seems to have had much power in the country, wouldn’t that mean that she at least could try talking to the king and getting her notions across? The appearance of the weird mud-mist, coming of Zaveid as well as that other fox-like guy looked very random and had barely any effect on the story. The magic telephone line stopped working as suddenly as it appeared last time. Anyway, I have no idea how everything could be solved without proposing yet another season. The characters most of times are just fooling around and with every episode the potential viewer-count isn’t increasing at all. The preview mentioning Zaveid’s lack of clothing addressed my own thoughts about ridiculous appearances of the characters compared to the stuff of our world.

Little Witch Academia (Ep. 7) 

 photo MR8.2_zpssxht9ges.png

    As usual, that was mildly fun. For once Akko had to really start to focus on her learning activities and that provided some contrast to her usual “doing anything but studying” behavior. Not that Akko actually learned much. It’s no surprise that a girl with no magical background has difficulties, and many of them. Still it’s a wonderful trait Akko possesses – not to give in no matter what. If there are any underlying messages in the show one of the strongest is never to cease trying, as hopefully your efforts someday will definitely have an effect. Having a fish as a teacher was quite an inventive and amusing joke, as were many others. Apart from that and satisfying contrast between Ursula and the other brown-haired teacher lecturing one another everything went the usual route – some quirks of the magical world with all the problems passing away in not very expected ways. I wonder how far this episodic format could go because it looks hardly possible not to attempt anything of a bigger scale through both of the seasons and retain the interest of the viewers.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka (Ep. 7) 

 photo MR8.3_zpsyawqlcnl.png

    And that was a particular piece of information that made things way more interesting. Many people have suspected that secret and there certainly were some clues about it, not the most unsuspicious of whom was the portrait of the younger princess among other paintings during this very episode. I think the timing for the reveal was quite well chosen, as probably others beside me also have started wondering where everything is leading. Now with some things made a bit clearer the story has proved its capabilities and earned more brownie points to spend in the future if the pacing will decide to return to its initial slowness. Another positive aspect is that some of the characters’ allegiances were elaborated. I guess now no one could deny that Nino, even if working under hell knows whom, is on the Jean’s side, as well as Mauve, brave enough to reveal everything and move everything forward. In the end, the most suspicious ones remain the prince and Lilium. The mangaka surely knows how to portray characters in a way that it’s almost impossible to perceive correctly what anyone wants at a first glance, and because of that Acca remains one of the more enjoyable series this season.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (Ep. 7)

 photo MR8.4_zpsqkn8mmrt.png

     Even a week without any anime didn’t make me enjoy this stuff. I’m finally on the verge of dropping it due to total disinterest. Well, as I’m quite a completionist, the show is still on my radar but nothing more than that. Character interactions that are the meat of KonoSuba seem to have been already used to the fullest extent and now we get only boring repetition and some personality traits of the characters are becoming more annoying with every minute. Is it really funny to see Darkness do nothing but get into her type of situations? How can anyone (both other characters as well as the viewers) endure Aqua’s selfishness, arrogance and stupidity? Will any of the main guys show some competence eventually? How about some story with the freshness of the first episodes? Shaft-like head tilts and other moments of quality animation remain the sole point of interest as pretty much everything else seems to be just reused old material with not much hope to be had for the future. And is this the way to end an episode? Certainly not the end of the story, but do you even know how to make a partial stop?

Kuzu no Honkai (Ep. 7)

 photo MR8.5_zps27jjzabv.png

     It’s no doubt that the show still retains its ability to provide very entertaining character drama, definitely one of the more enjoyable ones in recent times. You don’t usually get the cast that consists of very different characters whose actions and ideologies intertwine and parallel one another so well. It’s also an achievement that an episode about Moka, who isn’t the most important or beloved piece in this love game, was as successful as previous ones. Even such a spoiled girl full of fantasies can be determined that substitutes in love bring nothing good, just before succumbing before her own desires that don’t let her to retain her pure dream. The idea that an unachievable dream is a far better thing to have instead of trying to realize it (and getting burned for that) is yet another point of similarity between Moka and Hanabi. In the present situation (and essentially in the whole show) Mugi looks like a guy with the coolest head, somehow managing to stop his physical wishes. In this respect Mugi as someone who doesn’t really brake his ideology, stands right next to Akane, as weird as it sounds. At least our main couple after all the stuff decided to try to move on, but it’s still a very far road from their present positions.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen (Ep. 8) 

 photo MR8.6_zps9sxtugmf.png

     If there is an anime this season that can be counted on every single time to move me deeply, it’s definitely Rakugo. There wasn’t much action this time, but little moments here and there remind me again and again how much appreciation Rakugo deserves. Yotaro is getting new (and not very new) people join the art and attempt to at least retain rakugo as a valuable phenomenon, and that yet again shows how much maturity Yotaro has developed. Every scene showing him and Konatsu together have been one of the most heartwarming moments of the whole season. Of course it’s really sad that Yakumo wasn’t given a chance to perform, but I think that when he has defeated his inner voice telling him to stop, the love for the only thing Yakumo’s truly able to do and enjoy will not be quelled. Yet, Yakumo must feel especially bitter – he finally decided to perform but even that special occasion didn’t prevent the world from interfering. Yakumo also voiced his frustration because of his inabilities due to his age, and especially since he’s not the first person to whine, it is a big deal – younger people are able to do rakugo probably as well as he can with his diminished abilities and even if he’s crucial to rakugo and its audience, even without him the world manages to go on.

3-gatsu no Lion (Ep. 19) 

 photo MR8.7_zpsnsqgfgme.png

    Quite surprisingly the wavelengths of the episode and my own ones were pretty similar this time. In terms of the story 3-gatsu hasn’t been providing rapid developments, but the character arcs certainly do happen. When you think about Rei in the beginning and Rei now, there probably couldn’t be more differences. The sisters managed to get Rei out of his self-loathing shell, but even after that I think getting to know Shimada was the best possible scenario Rei could’ve ever dreamed of. At first, there haven’t been anyone in his recent life who could help him with his stagnancy in shogi. Also, if in Akari Rei sees a mother, Shimada definitely takes up a father position, genuinely caring about Rei and having some things to teach him. In other words, just a person whom Rei’s adoptive father should’ve been. Yet, I think the most important thing about Shimada is that he also requires some care, and Rei is the one to help him. I guess it was the teacher who said that in the society you need to be given help but also to give help to others, and as Rei has received much from the sisters, finally having someone to worry about and to take care of is a crucial step for Rei to become a functional human being, and that step is finally taken.

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  1. Some of these shows are doing some very interesting things at the moment. Zestiria I feel kind of picked up since we caught up with Alisha but it still isn’t amazing. It’s just kind of plodding along.

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    • Agree. But after all I think the season turned out not as boring as it looked at first. The bare existence of Hand Shakers provides some amusement.

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      • Amusement is about all Hand Shakers has going for it, but it does manage to keep being a talking point so at least it isn’t just dull and descriptionless.

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