Musings and Reflections – Autumn 2016 Week 13

     Quite weird to be writing while a week hasn’t past from the last segment of MR, and even weirder to write only about one show. Well, that happens when everything has already ended and this 2 cour thing hasn’t.

     Anyway, regardless of your celebration preferences, happy holiday season!

3-gatsu no Lion (Ep. 11)

 photo MR13_zpsahinyzkz.png

   So we see the sisters again after some time and I got to say it’s refreshing. When the show isn’t delving into the depths of Rei’s self-centered regrets and internal pains, that’s what I’d like to see from other segments. The comedy this time was very bearable, with only very few times appearing marginally annoying as usual, but the general atmosphere of the Kawamoto house made up for everything that could have been not pleasing. An episode about New Year seems a bit (well, a week) early but the holiday spirit still encompasses the same mood. With the show cutting its comedy and balancing between Rei’s struggles and family life of the sisters, I could see it becoming a great anime. We’ve seen lots of Rei but once in a while getting some strong portrayal of a family that despite some chores being “a pain” still cares deeply for each other is a very welcome sight. Such welcome that it did make Rei smile, and I don’t recall him doing that recently, or, to be frank, at all.

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