Musings and Reflections – Autumn 2016 Week 9

Natsume Yuujinchou Go (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.1_zpsrrkh8rjp.png

    As someone who‘s still craving for some light cast on the past of Reiko, I can’t really say I was unimpressed by this episode that even failed to feature Natsume himself. Not that it was a bad thing. Still, I can’t remember any other such episode of this show that was a full flashback about some side character. As the series during the first half of the season took a turn to introduce the wider perspective of the world of exorcists, providing more knowledge about Natori and his standing among others is quite a natural thing to happen. I can’t say that the character himself improved or just was transformed in some way but reminiscing his first appearances, Natori started as a lighthearted and outgoing model guy with some powers and unsure allegiances and now finally ended up like a likeable and complicated human being with his own ideas, goals and methods. Seeing how he changed from the start as an exorcist and his first encounters with Matoba (and not in all ways for the best) you can’t not feel at least a little sympathy. Especially when Natori’s own complex beginnings add another layer to his wish to help and guide Natsume.

Yuri!!! on Ice (Ep. 9)

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    You don’t need to have a PhD in Physiology to know about a process called adaptation – the body tends to stop paying attention to a repeated stimulus – just like you don’t notice a clock ticking all the time unless you pay attention. And paying attention to Yuri on Ice has been hard for me for some time. To be more exact, last four or so episodes were just the same – the skaters and their programs did change but ultimately the structure of these episodes was almost exact – everyone goes on with their little stories, Yuri has some emotional moment, skates and somehow advances forward. I’m sorry, but you can’t make me not loose attention when so little changes and I’m only told that the stakes are higher. Yes, the animation is still damn good but it also begins to fail to excite me – everything was already done before. Also those two or three shots of cheering public is not enough not to be noticed, even if the shots alternate. The episodes repeat themselves, the story lags and the show really needs something to wake it from this stupor.

Fune wo Amu (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.3_zpsmw4fo0hk.png

    Since at the moment I’m also finishing Usagi Drop manga, I feel very mistrustful of time skips. Especially when huge story points like the wedding and the beginning of life together of Majime and Kaguya are not shown. I really looked forward to the developments of their relationship so now I feel a little bit cheated. However, seeing how things are now made for a very compelling episode so I can’t criticize it that much. Araki and Nishioka look older (and the old lady could already be out of this world), but everyone else seems to have been left untouched by time. Visual differences are not the only interesting thing – as Nishioka had become a really likeable character I wonder if his relationship is going well but I fear that it might not get enough attention since there is the newbie who may provide an alternative (compared to Majime’s) story of becoming good at the job. Well, it’s an adaptation of a novel so it’s not to be expected that every detail and slightest plot progression (as endearing as it might be) may be animated. The time skip must have been a necessary step to be able to portray the ending of the project but that doesn’t make me very satisfied. Still, I hope there’s lots of good stuff to be told yet and I look forward to it very much.

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  1. I really enjoyed Natsume this week. Yeah, not Reiko, but I really enjoyed learning more about Natori and it gave so much context for Natori’s views and how he has been itneracting with Natsume over the past four seasons. Thanks for sharing.

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