Musings and Reflections – Autumn 2016 Week 7

3-gatsu no Lion (Ep. 6)

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     I can say barely anything new compared to previous times. The show is still painful to watch – in more senses than one. There’s still that terrible transition between comedy and serious scenes (the scene after credits or that one with Rei and the teacher illustrates that perfectly) as if the creators are sincerely trying to kill the mood and getting better at it every episode. Rei’s loneliness and his never smiling face are touching, especially when paired with themes like stagnation, when he on one hand is content for he can guarantee his living playing shogi without any passion but on the other hand despises himself for not wanting to move forward while every person close to him strives to make a progress. After a quarter of the show I can say that the lips doesn’t look as bad as they did before – they characterize Rei well, but only him. I think happy people like Hina still shouldn’t have them. I wonder if it was the right decision to only tell that Rei lost two matches in a row but don’t show it. It progresses story a little bit and tries to abandon the rule that something can happen only in flashbacks. It doesn’t negate my idea that apart from the flashbacks there isn’t much interesting and meaningful stuff going on – the next episode looks to feature Hina and that baseball guy getting to know each other better. Oh well, see you in the far future, my beloved serious stuff…

Natsume Yuujinchou Go this time really did show an old special and even if I didn’t rewatch it, I clearly remember it being very weak, repetitive and annoying thanks to those kids. i hope the franchise will never relapse into something similar again.

Yuri!!! on Ice (Ep. 7)

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     The thing that felt out of place more than usual was all those reused cuts. I understand that the amount of work that the staff are trying to force through is unbelievably huge compared to almost any other show. But still the question remains unanswered whether it’s better to try to achieve constant perfection and fail (of course just partially) or to steadily go on within the boundaries of being mediocre with some sakuga moments reserved for special cases. It’s not that I mind reused skating parts very much but when the same shot of clapping audience is presented six, seven or I don’t even know how many times, it gets a bit on my nerves. I’d rather watch the thoughts of the Chinese and Russian skaters look less brilliant and in its stead get at least another angle of clapping public. This episode in terms of structure basically is a direct continuation of the last one and to be frank for now I’m already full of technical stuff. I’m sorry but watching reused cuts with unchanging commentary with only tiniest opportunities for other stuff to happen isn’t the most enjoyable thing ever. Unless it’s consciously made this way so that some extraordinary events would make a bigger impact. But that only would undermine the whole point of making the skating parts well animated. Actually, this was the first time when we got to see what Victor thoughts and to view a situation from his perspective so that moment enhanced his character much. Still, the elephant in the room is still here. Yep, that one. And… I’ve no idea what to expect next.

Fune wo Amu (Ep. 6)

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    All is good and well but there hasn’t been enough growth shown between Majime and Kaguya. Yes, they get on pretty well and this confession scene was done well (on a side note it’s almost extraordinary that such thing was portrayed in the middle of the show and not in the very end like most anime do) but there just hasn’t been many instances shown where the couple would do something together and develop their relationship – the best I can remember is the arrival of Kaguya, the visit to her restaurant and the Ferris wheel scene. If it were a random high-school show I’d just account this as a mutual fleeting crush that wasn’t developed and will probably end after a couple of days. I guess in the novel there was more of it but sadly adaptations with time limit set in stone have no way of going with the original pace. I just hope that this rush will be compensated by something better that’s worth leaving the development of the relationship rather short. Actually the whole episode felt like a wrap up for the past events and a set up for the future – the relationship of the couple advanced to a new level and Nishioka confessed his situation so the dictionary squad will be forced to respond to it.

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