Musings and Reflections – Autumn 2016 Week 3

3-gatsu no Lion (Ep. 2)

 photo MR3.1_zpsrxqqyzd7.png

     3-gatsu no Lion disappointed me most of all the second episodes I watched this season. First, the little detail about the lips of the characters remaining off-putting as hell looks to persist throughout the whole show and I’ve no idea how to unsee them. The bigger problem is the inconsistency between the moods of the first two episodes. The first one introduces Rei as a totally, almost suicidally unhappy shut-in without any friends and only playing shogi with some old dudes. Then the sisters as the rescuers appeared and even that felt a bit too contrasting with the first half. Now we see that apparently Rei has all kinds of people who consider themselves as his friends and act like all kinds of comedy relief characters. Rei is demoted from a hikikomori to a slightly unsocial guy (with ugly lips). Maybe it’s my own fault to expect from the series something deeper than just marginally important remarks of Rei’s parents’ death and lots of gags. At least I hope that 3-gatsu no Lion will manage to create some balance between the serious parts and comedic material.

Natsume Yuujinchou Go (Ep. 3)

 photo MR3.2_zpspbg9t4ql.png

    It‘s hard to say anything about the episode because it was just a set-up for the next part coming the following week. Probably the best part was just getting to see Natori again, a little glimpse of Taki (very brief, but it’s something) and that Matoba guy. In this way everything that was interesting was so purely for the nostalgic reasons. Well, I hope the next episode will pay off for both of them as no further introductions are needed and the hunt for the corrupt exorcist may begin from the first second. As with the previous weeks, even if the whole feel of the show remains very relaxing and, well, iyashikei-like, sometimes I just can do nothing but to be pulled out of it by the desire to see just a bit clearer and sharper lines from animation standpoint and more Nyanko-sensei. So far he has been just a furry running spherical object with only one instance of having to save Natsume (and that happened over a very brief time period). Some funny facial expressions from him are always a welcome treat but it would be nice to see him treated more like a character rather that a mascot of the show.

Yuri!!! on Ice (Ep. 3)

 photo MR3.3_zpsaieljznb.png

    If this isn’t an introduction into the yaoi section of anime I honestly don’t know what is. I don’t say that this is something that I’m too bothered with but it just would be satisfying to have not only an anime about an obscure (in anime terms) sport but also to have it without the overarching too obvious objective to please the fujoshis. The sequences of Yurio’s memories and Yuri’s fantasies looked very good – both were exceptional and surreal enough as both of them were mind products. Also it’s interesting that ever-so-stylish-and-colorful Yurio’s memories were monochromatic while quite shy Yuri showed many colors and imaginative figures. The skating part may not have been as polished as in the first episode but it was impressive enough – again the physique of the bodies and character animation is as well conceived as in any show. If Yurio is really leaving for the time being it feels a bit too soon – the chemistry and dynamics between the two skaters as not-quite-friends but not-really-bitter-competitors were very enjoyable.

Fune wo Amu (Ep. 2)

 photo MR3.4_zpslhu8666s.png

    Last but not least comes the second episode of Fune wo Amu that was on par with the first one, if not better. I can’t say for sure what it exactly is but I find myself enjoying this show more than any other this season. The animation isn’t something exceptional but probably every other aspect is more or less worth talking about. The soundtrack again is everything I could wish for, the entrance of the new girl was met by my fanboying moment over Maaya Sakamoto’s voice (I think that scene also featured a great overall sound design)… Sure, the theme being making of some dictionary can be thought of as either being too weird or just a bit unusual in order to invoke character interactions in less conventional circumstances. Still, there’s something heartwarming and elevating about people passionately talking about the purpose and works of their lives, even if you start thinking about cracking a smile here and there about quite unusual metaphors between dictionaries and, well, everything else.

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  1. I loved Natsume this week but that’s because they brought both Natori and Matoba back and they always bring some real drama to the story so I’m really looking forward to the next episode now.
    I am curious as to what Yuri on Ice will do. WIll we see Yurio training still or will we have to wait until Yuri meets him in a competition?
    Thanks for sharing.

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    • Yes, it’s looks like the next episode of Natsume will be good as they usually nail two-parters.
      I think Yurio will be featured (at least the preview showed a bit of him), even if not together with Yuri. And the separation of them both should not last long as in this way Yuri wouldn’t be reminded every second that he has a rival and need to grow and become better.

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  2. Nice to see someone sticking to Fune wo Amu! I’m biased towards it because of its background on linguistics and Japanese language itself. And yeah, Maaya Sakamoto!

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    • Fune wo Amu is just a beautiful show with an unusual theme and interesting potential developments. And, to be frank, I can’t be impartial towards the show myself either because both of my parents are linguists.

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