Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 13

Orange (Ep. 13)

 photo MR13.1_zpsirzs2odq.png

   No surprises this time – the stakes were as high as ever, Kakeru’s life depended on a single moment but it turned out that a long labor and persistence can change even the worst future – everything that have been building up since the start of the show, all the relationships, all the chemistry between the group proved to be crucial for the end result and the story ended in a predictable but nonetheless satisfying way. It’s probably for the best – not the most impressive but well executed ending is far better than half-baked experimental one.  At least as far as the new timeline goes. All the stuff with the letters remained the weakest part but leaving that plot device aside it was a rewarding show. Naho’s (and everyone else’s) courage and care for Kakeru during the last crucial moments were so much more endearing recalling all the growth during all the season. Orange wasn’t the best anime ever, but nonetheless for me it was certainly enjoyable.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 12)

 photo MR13.2_zpsepra7rfh.png

    Once again the episode felt like it had too much story to tell and too little time to do that properly. We got a fight, everything was wrapped up, new goals (for the second season) were set but was it an impressive episode? Not really. Sure, Alisha’s scene when she finally saw the Seraphim was a good one, knowing how much she has craved for the coexistence, the animation was as good as always but overall it was just another episode of a decent but not that outstanding show. Somehow I kept remembering Fate series – the boss looked like Berserker and Alisha with Sorey formed a contract not that dissimilar from that of the Type-Moon blockbuster. Well, I still have no idea what that contract will change. Also, I’m not too happy in general since the magic powers don’t seem to be defined in any way so without any limitations it’s hard to tell when the stakes are really high. I guess every single complaint points into the necessity of having played the game.

91 Days (Ep. 12)

 photo MR13.3_zpsohb4jrdm.png

     Probably it was a very fitting ending to the series. The conclusion that even after almost fully executed revenge you don’t really get anything but rather lose some dear people, future prospects and goals was natural and Angelo’s death (I think he died though there possibly can be other interpretations) proved that and showed the meaninglessness of the existence with all the ties cut and precious people wiped out. The soundtrack (except the insertion of the ED that felt a bit out of place) once again enriched the atmosphere and the last track paired with the animation of waves felt like a very satisfying ending, maintaining the mood of the last minutes of the show while also giving you enough space to ponder about everything that happened. Somehow after finishing everything I feel rather melancholic about the show rather than feeling some pity or sorrow – many characters invited their tragic fate themselves and, as sad as it is, karma works.

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