Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 10

Orange (Ep. 10)

 photo MR10.1_zpsmkynvhbk.png

    Hagita not telling about Kakeru’s ankle problems from the start seems like a plot hole. Does not one person read his/hers letter till the end and share the information with others if it’s Kakeru’s life that depends on it? So, the power of friendship won once again and effort proved to be worth much more than skill and talent. Even if I would have liked a little bit more pompous and emphasized finish of the race it more or less felt like a decent culmination of a few past episodes. Still, the show will need to give a bit more effort to give as strong a feeling as it did in the very start. Animation while not impressive stepped up from the level of bad and hopefully it will manage to retain the quality till the very end. Also, as the competition part ended the story will need some other focus but there’s still very much to be told (like strengthening of the relationship of the main couple as well as some more information about how all those letters came into being) but there’s only 3 episodes left.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 9)

 photo MR10.2_zps0yttwbzl.png

    First, for some time already I wanted to give some praise to the soundtrack. This episode and pretty much all the previous ones were really enhanced by the music, especially the battle scenes. The elements of the story still largely resemble RPG – this time it was that tree that Mikleo fought as well as all the wolves. The actual fight with the latter was again skipped for time issues and again I think that pacing this way isn’t improved. If you set up a fight, let it be a memorable one, just like what was done with the dragon (even if the subs had a “drake”, “dragon puppy” still sounds very funny). The cute and weird creature appeared again and this mystery (at least for me who has no knowledge of the game) was explained. I don’t know if we need more comedic elements and especially elements with the accent of Osaka but that will remain to be seen. The one thing I thought about the preview is that Sorey has 3 elemental Seraphs (fire, water and earth) and one place is still left. Well, some characters in the OP still haven’t been featured very much and since Zaveid doesn’t look that promising, I would bet on that hat wearing companion of Shirayuki to make Sorey’s Elemental Squad complete..

Amaama to Inazuma (Ep. 10)

 photo MR10.3_zps7bjefk9p.png

   If you averaged every episode of Amaama to Inazuma so far you would probably get something very much resembling this. The episode felt very short but despite of that it didn’t feel very inspired, it was just another case of making something that turns out to be great. Probably the only surprising thing was the fact that there hasn’t been a fish-preparing episode earlier. Well, maybe Kouhei just didn’t have enough skills and determination until now but Kotori’s excitement that seemed even higher than usual confirmed that Japanese do love fish. Tsumugi’s wish to play a cat reminded me of Eve no Jikan with a very similar character and that’s probably the best thing I can say this time. Maybe the show just calms before something more exciting as the finale is not that far.

91 Days (Ep. 9)

 photo MR10.4_zps6i3de3cb.png

    So it was the uncle. Well, it’s probably the only logical answer. Every character who was the least bit relevant to the story either had died or had some alibi. As one of the major mysteries of the show became unraveled, it’s yet to be seen what the uncle is really up to – why would he (if it was really him) invite Angelo by the letter and promise revenge? Maybe he just believed from the start that escaped Angelo could cause some problems some time later and simply wanted to catch him and thus end all possible problems. On the other hand, why allowe Angelo to become so deeply involved with the Vanetti’s business and become a really good friend to Nero? Anyway, the episode very well managed to create sense of suspense (for example Angelo’s anxiety pondering what was Corteo doing and what will become of him as well as with all the Vanettis), of waiting for something to end the calm before the storm. It did end, and even if we got some very important information, many things remain in the dark, so the very last episodes look to be very interesting.

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  1. I”m wondering what 91 Days will do after we have the last bits of information revealed? A showdown between Nero and Angelo seems inevitible but what will be the outcome of that?


    • I think Angelo will not have much trouble with the uncle as well as (ex) don Vanetti. The showdown certainly will be the culmination of the show but the end result seems very unpredictable. Somehow I wish that Nero lived or that the two of them would come into terms (somehow) and start doing business together as true friends.



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