Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 9

Orange (Ep. 9)

 photo MR9.1_zpsadvdfjnl.png

    Well, the animation… To be frank, it already has been very limited and this time is no different but various non-moving shots, pans and other stuff that I really don’t have much knowledge about compensated for that so the visuals to my eyes wasn’t a big problem. Another thing is when even in stills characters look very misshapen and sometimes even unrecognizable as if the staff didn’t have neither enough time nor resources to do the job properly. Production values this time were probably the lowest and it’s really a shame for the story and its (theoretical) visualization (forgetting some CG students) are clearly above average in my opinion. Yet when shots of quality that appear during the whole episode are so very few, it’s very difficult to concentrate on other things than ugly visuals. Cutting to some chibis, using lengthy stills or simply showing floating text from the letter doesn’t help either. The story, as far as I have noticed moved just a little from the last time – Kakeru and Naho just start to feel a bit closer but nothing substantial really happened. Well, it looks to have been the weakest episode of all. I just hope the next one won’t end up like the last two of Eva.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.2_zpsqpjhprtz.png

    It was surprisingly entertaining though I can’t say it was anything I haven’t seen before. A little girl that feels superior to others and uses occasional “baka” from her dictionary (basically Kayo from Boku dake ga Inai Machi) or just a stereotypical cool guy aren’t that rare thing in anime. Yet, the dragon was truly great. I guess that level of animation and detail wouldn’t be beyond par with many examples from video games, TV shows or even some feature films. Somehow all the characters didn’t interact with the dragon physically so 2D and 3D didn’t clash like before. Returning to the new characters, some glimpses of a backstory of Edna didn’t really make me care about her and I can’t say even that about the cool guy. I hope these two will have their fair share of screen time but not as much as in this episode when Mikleo and Alisha (who even had her own backstory episode) barely even show up. Somehow the end feels very far and the potential of the story probably won’t have enough time to become realized. By the way, why does transformed Sorey have to wear high heels?

Amaama to Inazuma (Ep. 9)

 photo MR9.3_zpsf5occqts.png

     For the most part the episode was just an animated excerpt from a recipe book with all the instructions voiced perfectly clear and obligatory “oishii” after a few initial bites. The first part about a sleepover in the school also wasn’t anything unseen or just worth remembering. Maybe slight connections with earlier episodes – Kotori’s unending fear of knives and Kouhei’s friend briefly appearing again – added some continuity to the story. Still, it would have been a pretty dull episode if not for the ending. When you think of it, it was a really heartwarming and a bit funny memory from the past and everything was conveyed perfectly – no words were needed and the briefness of the scene made it even more similar to a memory. When the show wants, it can really depict the slightest emotional transitions from the real world, just like Tsumugi’s tears. There’s something very human in the feeling of regret and sadness remembering something or someone that has passed away without any chance of returning during even the brightest memories.

91 Days (Ep. 8)

 photo MR9.4_zps3sb486he.png

     While thinking about the episode during the credits it appeared to me how many people have already died in the show and yet how many possible candidates there still are. Excluding Angelo probably every character could achieve an untimely death one way or another. Well, Fango will definitely be missed. I can’t say that he didn’t deserve it considering his behavior and temper (he basically was treated the same way as he did with don Orco and his henchmen) but it’s still quite sad not being able to see him doing something straight from Baccano anymore. Fango being one of the most memorable aspects of the show I wonder how they will manage to fill the gap. By the way, it looks like the empty week was for the best since the visuals looked as well made as ever. Thinking about Corteo, it was about time some marginal character received the spotlight and the show did well humanizing him. Angelo just has nerves of steel and the right mindset to run some mafia business but it’s natural that not every person can compete with him. Seeing how determined Angelo is I begin to doubt that he would choose his friend over his revenge.

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  1. I wonder what Angelo will do if he finds out who the other person is and realised that they’ve already been killed off in some meaningless skirmish earlier in the story?


    • The possibility of that is very high but somehow I think that such a crucial point in the story will receive something more dramatic, though from the top of my head I can’t think of anyone alive who would qualify as a possible writer of the letter. Anyway, it’ll be very intriguing to see what will Angelo decide to do next once his goal will be achieved.

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