Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 7

Orange (Ep. 7)

 photo MR7.1_zpsuyyok9mi.png

    After finishing it I have basically one thought – I want more. It’s not that usual that an episode of an anime makes you both smile and think about almost shedding a tear. And frankly that wasn’t only this episode – strong feelings have been retained for a long time already and there’s very little that I could complain about. One of such things of course would be Naho’s refusal for no apparent reason to read the letter whole. I don’t know what kind of people read their letters only by one sentence at a time and resume only when it’s convenient in terms of progressing the story. Anyway, quite a few meaningful thoughts again could be gathered – like the notion that sometimes it’s difficult to help a person even when you want it very much but you just don’t know the way, don’t know the right words to say. And some words can really make a difference. Well, maybe I’m just still under the influence of watching an anime with something I haven’t seen before that I like it that much and maybe the spell will wear off after some time but for now I’m just happy I chose this show to watch among many others.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 6)

 photo MR7.2_zpsvizgq6lu.png

   Weird. I don’t know who thought that 2 episode inclusion of practically unrelated stuff into an anime would be a good idea. That is if as the preview suggests, there will be no more Berseria (or Berseria related) episodes. Nonetheless in this way it’s just useless to talk about pacing, consistent character performance and other usual things. I understand that Velvet is the lead and on her own anime it would be at least ok but among other things – random jargon, random pieces of information and random events – it’s impossible to care about her as much as she looks to deserve. Not to mention a random (if that’s not random I don’t know what is) insertion of a witch who works as a comic relief and has a ridiculously long name but is useless at every frame. On itself the episode certainly looked good but my problem with CG still remained. The dragon looks anything but anime material. As in the last episode, the last few minutes were (also pretty random) AMV type of preview of the Berseria game. Again, unforeseen decisions of the staff leave me scratching my head once more.

Amaama to Inazuma (Ep. 7)

 photo MR7.3_zpspkczlptg.png

   Yeah, after all, Tsumugi is just a child. It’s good to see (well, not exactly pleasant but rather fair) some domestic arguing that could have easily happened in any family. To make an argument both of the sides don’t have to be completely wrong. Some different perspectives on the same thing, oversights and not common preferences are just the stuff for such clashes, especially when on the one side stands an adult and on the other a child – differences in the worldview, different and incomparable experiences and situations when you can say only “yes, but…” make a very difficult road to understanding each other. Even when situations like this one happily ends with make some food together I’m quite amazed how Kouhei still manages to raise Tsumugi pretty well despite hundreds of problems. Well, I guess in the real world such a family normally wouldn’t be able to live as well but finding joy in little things and somehow living on through various difficulties with a smile and optimism is a strong message this anime carries.

91 Days (Ep. 7)

 photo MR7.4.1_zpsr4oyjroe.png

    Seems that there is only one true mafia family in town. To be clearer, only one man, and that is Angelo. It’s difficult to guess if he is so smart after all or other guys don’t see a mastermind behind all the stuff and just trust in Angelo and get manipulated, or both. Having started his journey towards revenge on the Vanettis, Angelo looks to have done surprisingly well so far in making all of them suffer (or suffer and die). Family splitting (that of Fio’s and the Vanettis as the whole in the broader sense) looks to be one of Angelo’s better abilities. Especially in Fio’s case the border between good and bad deeds is very blurred and Angelo is getting more and more antihero-ish as the time goes by. When he will finally decide to pay the debt to Nero himself it’s going to be a very difficult time, and for the viewers maybe even more than for Angelo. Well, if he manages to get that far since his road to salvation is still very long – who knows what Fango may do at one point or another, what will don Vanetti do when the situation will become clearer, especially with Corteo who seems to have gotten a hold in the Vanetti family and that may prove to be a serious hindrance to Angelo because Corteo remains the nearest thing to his own family.

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