Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 6

Orange (Ep. 6)

 photo MR6.1_zpsqx569opt.png

   Again all the conversations between the friends feel so natural. Talking about petty stuff, everyday routines and just joking around sets the atmosphere really well. Hagita’s comment about Azu that without his glasses, his vision is so blurry that she looks like an angel is a great example of that – a tiny remark that in no way affects the story and once again cements the group and the viewer as someone who just might be one of the friends. As for the story developments, it’s still very hard for me to believe that older Naho just wrote “don’t invite Kakeru” and thought that her younger self would do that even not knowing the gravity of the situation. Is it so hard to write just one more line and make the request so much more easily accomplishable? Well, unless Naho had tried that in multiple timelines already and nothing worked – who knows what time travel stuff can lead to? Still, that’s just mine theory and unless it’s dis(proven), it doesn’t smell like a good storytelling. Usually I’m not the one to foretell twists in anime before they happen so the ending grabbed my attention even more. Even if I’m not sure if time travelling mix well with what Orange has already shown.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 5)

 photo MR6.2_zpsaeceeoaf.png

    Well, I’m confused. Not as confused as when I first watched the episode and went straight to the forums and wikis to find something – anything that could explain what I had seen. It’s difficult not to have the slightest notion about what happened and why when I haven’t played any games of the series and started watching the show on a whim without any previous knowledge about anything in the universe of the story or plans of releasing new games or the ones released. Someone probably has the right to ask why the hell I’m watching it then and why the hell I am even complaining, but albeit I understand that the anime was given green light only as a form of an advertisement in the first place, I believe anime should be approachable to anyone regardless of the source material, either its form or its vastness. Anyway, the setting itself looked pretty interesting, even if the characters looked every bit like they originally belonged to a random conventional fantasy RPG. Still, that, the fact that the new storyline interrupted the old one very randomly and all the technical unexplained stuff (like various kinds of exorcists or whatever they were) aside Velvet could become an interesting character after all.

Amaama to Inazuma (Ep. 6)

 photo MR6.3_zpsuyygkfbx.png

    A party with many people, eh? I’m all in. For some time I felt I was a bit bored because of nothing happening in the field of character development. Not that I expect anything extraordinary to happen – Kouhei will just become a more skilled cook and Tsumugi will appreciate that – that’s basically the outline of all the story. Surely I enjoy interactions between the daughter and the father but it was already time to add something yet unseen. Now when we have five people the need is fully satisfied, even if the latest two additions will not be featured very prominently, as they themselves noticed that they, being a lot better cooks than Kotori, Kouhei and Tsumugi, may mar the enjoyment of doing something by yourself for the first time. Really, when you become adept at something you just forget how everything looked when you started doing it and as it was probably for yourself long time ago, a new person in the field might experience much joy in accomplishing the tiniest feats that you no longer even notice and put very little effort into.

91 Days (Ep. 6)

 photo MR6.4_zpsyjylauqz.png

    This show and Orange – if they remain of the same quality as they have been, I’ll have a very difficult task to decide which of them I like more. Both feature very interesting stories, even if they are nothing to compare in terms of setting and characters, and suffer a bit because of not that flawless production. By the way, both of the last episodes featured some kind of a twist. The one in 91 days however was resolved and I can only applaud the writers – that’s how you make an imposing mafia related story. Still, I wonder if Angelo really should have told his true name so openly – a stray word from don Orco and all Angelo’s revenge might have gone to the litter bin. I doubt Nero, as trusting as he had become, would have let everything be. The segment with Fango and his cooking preferences probably was a bit over the top. It might have well suited Baccano but it’s not that believable in the more realistic world of this show. Not that I complain – Fango sure is entertaining.

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