Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 4

     Well, yeah, I know it’s all stale stuff but my Internet connection hasn’t been very friendly with me for some time. I doubt these thoughts will be interesting after all this time but anyway, just for the record:

Orange (Ep. 4)

 photo MR4.1_zpsx808bdor.png

      It almost seems like Naho was able to read some of my complaints and address them right away. Even though we still don’t know much how Naho’s character changed during all those later years and the circumstances of her writing the letter, it’s still good that her younger self finally admitted that being forced to do anything without even considering how difficult or even undoable it might be is not a very pleasant situation to be in. Suwa again showed some skills in understanding people a bit better than his peers and it feels very consistent with the fact that he and Naho got married in the later storyline. Still, the most unexpected and ridiculous scene proved to be that of Kakeru’s confession that Naho couldn’t understand correctly. How else? Anyway, it’s just a gender swapped version of pretty much every romcom when not the brightest protagonist is left awkwardly and the girl after her confession runs away. Production remains on a verge of becoming a problem. I just couldn’t not notice some CG students walking around or just doing stuff. Yes, it’s probably cheaper this way and better than to have still backgrounds or only sketch level animation, but still.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 3)

 photo MR4.2_zpsgk3iezcw.png

   Oh man, I just didn’t expect anything so similar to a typical mahou shoujo transformation. Yes, it’s probably cool when you play the game, but considering all the realism (if that’s even worth the effort), do you really need to change your clothes when you start using a magical sword? Sorey’s backstory doesn’t interest me the most of all the things that are yet to be told, but some explanation why he alone of all the people can see the Seraphim would be very welcome as soon as possible. Also, it was a bit weird to see that Sorey’s main motivation of becoming a Shepherd was to explore all the caves in the world. He just was content with the thought that as a side job he could pretty much save the world. And last but not least another quite odd thing – I mentioned some time ago that Kotori from Amaama to Inazuma shared the same VA with Shirayuki and that brought back many memories. It appears that as Shirayuki’s voice and personality was sent to Amaama to Inazuma, her body found a place in this show. What will happen during the next season?

Amaama to Inazuma (Ep. 4)

 photo MR4.3_zpsy1zkzn1v.png

      It didn’t look a very long episode but I can’t say that I was just glued to the screen and couldn’t think of anything else while watching it. The episode was basically a cooking solution facing the problem of Tsumugi don’t enjoying green peppers. When I think of it, I didn’t fancy some vegetables very much myself while I was a kid but such a problem now seems quite unusual. Probably the worst thing I can say of any vegetable (with very few exceptions) is that it might have no taste at all (tastes like soap as the saying in my country goes). As this problem doesn’t appear in my life I can’t say the episode was very touching. Still, it emphasized the single father situation even more and added some more realism. Apart from that, Kotori’s classmate that shows up in the OP finally made her appearance but it was of no consequence. Frankly, the show more and more resembles a recipe book and even if I’m not against it, at least some more original or unexpected framework would make enjoyment levels higher.

91 Days (Ep. 4)

 photo MR4.4_zpstjgbuvgr.png

     That was very enjoyable in quite an unexpected way. The episode didn’t follow that quite complicated mafia family storyline and was centered on travelling of Nero and Angelo. I’m quite surprised how much was told – some joking around with kids, Nero’s memories of his first job (of course it being the obliteration of Angelo’s family), that Mexican guy and all the stuff with him. The episode felt a bit unusual compared to the previous ones but that isn’t something unrequired. More jokes than usual were used and were placed pretty well. “Show don’t tell“ philosophy was explored effectively portraying, say, Angelo’s reaction to Nero’s story or a weird sympathy that I felt around the end for the Mexican’s dog. Angelo, even he knows some tricks to make children laugh, tries to distance himself from Nero as far as possible but I doubt he’ll remain as determined to take his revenge since Nero’s outgoing personality makes him look in more of a positive light despite anything he had done as a mafia family member.

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