Musings and Reflections – Summer 2016 Week 2

Orange (Ep. 2)

 photo MR2.1_zpsnwajteuh.png

   The show picked up just were it left last time with all the vigor and general atmosphere. The initial stages of the romance are pretty ordinary (making bento and stuff) but somehow I don’t mind that. The sincerity with witch everything is done can compensate for many things. All the other gang members beside Kakeru and Naho feel very natural, their chemistry so far has been pretty amazing. Yet, I’m beginning to be concerned about the letter Naho received and its writer’s intention to withhold some information. Looking from perspective of Naho (the younger one) wouldn’t it be more natural not to invite Kakeru to hang around during the first day if she knew exactly why? Writing only something like “I have regrets, change it” sounds pretty unconvincing and, coming from a person whom Naho does not really know, it sounds almost like an arrogance. Writing down all the details with grounded facts would have been more effective. Not to mention the accident in which Kakeru apparently dies. How does Naho prevent it if she knows basically nothing about it? Anyway, the show remains very enjoyable and that’s what really matters.

Tales of Zestiria the X (Ep. 1)

 photo MR2.2_zpsuvdrdvwi.png

   So apparently the previous episode wasn’t the first but rather zeroth. As far as I know it’s not that usual to put an OVA before the main series in the same airing time. And I must say that the zeroth episode felt more like the starting point of the series, all the spectacular action and stuff. This one looked more like a second episode when much money is already spent and the staff who previously thought only about the starting of the show finally remember that it also must go on after the first episode. I hope that the Princess will feature heavily in the future because otherwise this OVA would feel only as a cheap bait for the viewers. Turning to the story, everything still felt quite video game-ish. The Princess randomly wanders into old ruin and is randomly attacked by random bugs (while being helped by a random well, creature? I’ve no idea who or what he is and what he was doing there), randomly cracks a wall and ends up as a damsel in distress before the protagonist. So far Sorey didn’t leave any impression and felt just like a typical protagonist material. I wonder when all the other characters featured in the OP will start turning up and heating up everything.

Amaama to Inazuma (Ep. 2)

 photo MR2.3_zps1zylemzp.png

     Amount of cuteness for the week acquired. I know it’s not that type of a show when you need to think a lot but I’m interested into why Kotori wants to help so much. Unless her dream is to save her mother’s restaurant but in that case she probably should have already learned to cook something more than just some rice. Another interesting thing is that Kotori’s VA Saori Hayami also voiced Shirayuki and it’s very difficult for me to see Kotori as a new  and different character and not just the already known one with just dyed hair. Especially when they seem to have not that dissimilar personalities. Overall cooking was featured more prominently than the last time, some quite entertaining humor was sprinkled here and there and generally it was just a very heartwarming and healing episode. I wonder if the show will continue ‘a meal an episode’ scenario for a while or (and that I probably prefer) will cook up (pun intended) something different.

91 Days (Ep. 2)

 photo MR2.4_zpslik5zb5i.png

   That felt like The Godfather. I know the setting and all the mafia stuff are the same but especially the scene with the wedding when the head of the family sits alone in a dark room with his closest family brings back the memories. Another quite similar thing is portraying how some people might remain very strongly religious and still do killing and other similar business for living. Some of the events may have been not that easy to predict like Fango’s escape – why would you kill such a villain right from the start – others not so much as Angelo (or Avilio – I’m not sure which name is more suitable) turned against one of his family’s murderers. That is if the letter he got said the truth. Three families, one guy thirsting for revenge and numerous business entanglements should make up for at least a decent story and so far 91 days has delivered. Still, there’s a long way to go deepening all the conflicts and telling more of Angelo’s dealings to come, but it looks as promising as ever.

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  1. I have the same issue with Orange – the letters are incredibly frustrating and there is no way for future Naho to know that her changes will make things any better or leave her with any less regrets.

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    • If Naho will remain so focused on mending those regrets it almost looks like she’ll need to write another letter from the future about avoiding other regrets gained by listening to some dumb letters and not enjoying her life.

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