Musings and Reflections – Spring 2016 Week 14

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Ep. 12)

 photo MR14.1_zpsillxy19l.png

     I expected some flashy ending and, well, I kinda got one. Everything fell into places though I can’t really say I’m absolutely happy about that. Monster that had Mumei at its heart as well as Ikoma stopping a train with his bare hand (and superpowers) certainly looked cool but I guess I thought that as spectacular as the whole show was, the finale should have used a Michael Bay kind of performance. Well, it needed to wrap everything up so that used much time. Both Mumei and Ikoma remained alive despite the stakes not at all being at their favor. Somehow “and they all happily rode into the sunset” ending don’t really fit a show as bloody as this. Yes, Takumi died earlier and Biba received the same fate but especially for the villain it didn’t make much impact. At least for me quite for a while it was almost obvious that he will end up dead, as he was introduced pretty late, I doubt many people will remember Biba after a week or two. Anyway, I can’t deny that the show was enjoyable despite any possible nitpickings and flaws. On an unrelated note we learned one serious truth – whenever you want to charm a girl forever you just need to talk about rice paddies.

Sakamoto desu ga? (Ep. 12)

 photo MR14.2_zpszaf9qwkk.png

     The show just ended and that felt quite weird. Well, just like “oh, we got a new transfer student”, “oh, he’s cool”, “oh, he’s really cool”, “oh, he just left us”. Yes, all those faces covered with pies behind the window and lots of tears make up a feeling that something’s about to end, but it just as the whole show didn’t really affect me emotionally. What of those other characters that no one really cares about? Anyway, Fukase tried to remain his type of cool but it looks like even he was finally subdued, though I just don’t understand how leaving the hall in a bit humiliating way can change things – he hasn’t graduated yet, if he’s so powerful to use inescapable suggestions and mind games, why would he change anything in his life? Acchan got nothing for his showing off. I guess everyone just made peace with the fact that he’s an idiot who can be easily manipulated and that’s not his fault at all, apparently he’s also a victim. So yeah, the show ended though it felt like a finale only marginally. Nothing really substantial resolved, only shown that one particular guy is cool. A bit underwhelming.

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