Musings and Reflections – Spring 2016 Week 12

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Ep. 10)

 photo MR12.1_zpsriyfiqrg.png

      Well, that was quite a heavy episode, even for this show. Backgrounds further emphasized that, when after claustrophobic train interior very impressionistic looking sky was shown a few times. Not that I fail to notice the beauty of the backgrounds other times. Going to the meat of the episode, Takumi’s death was unexpected, but it was probably for the best – the guy might have more impact being dead than alive, even if the death itself wasn’t that emotionally effective since Takumi wasn’t the most developed character. I don’t know what goes in Mumei’s head, but it’s pretty weird – having explicitly stated that Biba is a liar and seen what he’s up to, she simply does nothing, remains Biba’s pet and looks genuinely happy when told that Biba won’t hurt his captives if they behave. Well, I’m not sure what’s the best way of action for her, but girl, you can run away, you can free the captives, you can do millions of things, anything but remain dancing to the tune of Biba. By the way, does anyone believe that Ikoma died?

Sakamoto desu ga? (Ep. 10)

 photo MR12.2_zpszic2gfbz.png

     Again, quite a mixed feeling about this one. I probably sound like a broken record, but the first part made a better impression in manga. Some jokes are just not that good when heard for a second time. Schubert was better off without sound – the actual singer’s voice differed too much from Sakamoto’s usual voice to be believable, the burp in the end also looked better in theory. Some moments are better imagined and conveying them can very easily break the spell of the whole joke. Moving to the second half, it was far more interesting to see that not only Sakamoto can think in this show. Hayabusa turned out to be not a rival but probably the most likeable and realistic person in the whole show. Nitpicking about only-in-anime moments (yep, two persons in the same coat certainly can look like one) aside, this episode provided not only some usual laughs, but also a bit of emotional hint, that when present, makes the show far more effective.

Joker Game (Ep. 12)

 photo MR12.3_zpsrc4veq5n.png

      Well, talk about some anticlimactic ending. The episode was everything except a finale with all the answers and farewells to the characters. Oh wait, Joker Game hardly had any interesting characters. The only thing that may have hinted that this was the finale was some shots of all the spies together. Apart from that it was just an ordinary story. Yes, it’s good to see that not every one of the group was able to live the hard life of a spy, but please, put those things in some other place, not the last episode. Some women also may have been presented a reason to be offended as Yuuki generalizes abilities of both genders not that justly. What can I say? A man died, a man resigned, a man finally finished the series and is quite glad it ended with though some bitter aftertaste is left.

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