Musings and Reflections – Spring 2016 Week 10

Flying Witch (Ep. 9)

 photo MR10.1_zpspg1gbdds.png

     And that was as good an episode as any. Despite the episodic nature, I really appreciate all the ties that connect separate stories together – some reminiscences about the last episode, an appearance of Inukai and a mention of the Mandrake this time. Quite funny that all these ties add a lot of realism to a show whose main character (and not her alone) is a witch. This week all the events weren’t that memorable, but all the little scenes and funny outcomes made up for that more than enough – chemistry between Al the hamster (or whatever he is) and Chito, Akane’s sleeping poses and all the part about Nao being Kei’s girlfriend, pretty useless gifts from Burkina Faso, even the breast size joke somehow didn’t feel out of place and that doesn’t happen that often. Well, if you need an example of a healing anime – you need not look any further. I just would like to know at least something more about all the witch stuff.

Joker Game (Ep. 10)

 photo MR10.2_zps4qiacnya.png

     There have been worse episodes. As even the poorest attempts of overarcing plot were buried last week, we are back at one-story-at-a-time format. The whole time is spent digging the backstory of Yuuki, who is the most recurring character and practically the best we could hope to get in a place of a protagonist. Still, an old menacing guy who just sits in the shadows and appears only to give a dramatic speech and show that it’s him behind all the spies is not what I would call a very likeable character whose backstory would be worth investigating. Yes, it makes more sense emotionally than to have a backstory of any of the spies, but still. And, when the end of the episode comes, it appears that all the things that were being dug up during this whole time may or just simply may not be true. Talk about rewarding experience. Yes, it shows how Yuuki has planned everything and that he’s a spy-god but come on. As a side note, by the end I somehow felt a bit fond of this Westerner spy and somehow was relieved that he pretty much escaped. Well, it’s virtually impossible to see him again. Oh well.

     On a completely unrelated note, these past weeks have been quite full of various things for me to do and that doesn’t look likely to change for some time. Sad as it is, watching anime has taken probably more than a back seat in my schedule, but everything passes away sooner or later, so as soon as free time is back on the menu in larger portions, my blogging activity will resume. Especially since I’ve been gathering some ideas for a while that just need to be elaborated and written down. Well, have a nice day!

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  1. Totally agree that when you spend a whole episode learning a backstory only to find out it was made up feels really like you have just been cheated. Thanks for sharing.

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