Musings and Reflections – Spring 2016 Week 3

Flying Witch (Ep. 2)

 photo MR3.1_zpsiqbveatu.png

     That’s what I call the essence of atmospheric slice of life. Nothing happened but to be frank it probably shouldn’t have. So far it’s perfectly fine to rely heavily on simple and meaningless interactions while just spreading peacefulness all the way. Yes, I’d have liked to know more about the Harbinger of Spring, but as it (or he, or she, or whatever) shows up in the opening, the future should hold some more appearances of it (or whatever). The second half, almost taken straight form a cooking show, once again reassured that  the right atmosphere is the thing that the show knows how to achieve. Just some simple smiles because of some pretty random dish and Chinatsu again making quite priceless facial expressions is enough to relax and enjoy the tranquility of each passing moment.

 Joker Game (Ep. 3)

 photo MR3.2_zpsdvrburdm.png

     Some things can be expected of a historical series, but I definitely wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition to end up in France. It looks like there is no other way to use all the spies efficiently than to make the story very episodic. Joker Game is far from the embellishment of episodic storytelling like, say,  Mushihi, but, well, it sort of worked. Yes, the characters were just there, without much time to get developed and become cared for, everything just worked out a bit too well to be true, some characters clearly weren’t thinking what they were doing, but, on the other hand, maybe that’s good, as humans rarely get enough time to think and sort things out in times of war. Probably more interesting to me was just the whole mood, an opportunity to see how a Japanese person could have thought about all the stuff happening around the world during the WW2 and the notion that ideology of the nation doesn’t necessarily agree with every individual’s thoughts and deeds, no matter how devoted he is.

Sakamoto desu ga? (Ep. 2)

 photo MR3.3_zpsfqdxqgvy.png

     That was mildly amusing and pretty much the best I could hope out of the show – some humor sprinkled here and there, nothing too complicated to follow and just a simple laid back atmosphere. This episode was less shiny than the first one, but I believe it contained a little bit more. The message of the first half – don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself – is simple enough, but easily comprehended, while the second half showed that Sakamoto isn’t just a good looking guy with some aristocrat-like manners – he’s got sense too, enough to amusingly and creatively connect not that friendly people. Also, it’s not that conventional for the anime industry to show some darker sides of school life, not just everything being shiny and moe so that’s another plus. On an unrelated note – with every anime I’m getting more and more amazed and fond of the versatility and craft of Akira Ishida (here he voices Kubota). Just an unbelievable guy.

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